Deposit $400
Minimum stay 3 weeks
Meals Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? Yes
Available from 22 Apr 2019
Available to 01 Jan 2022
Guests Students, Travellers, Workers

We have a modern, well-furnished home in Wellard and would love to offer one of our double room.

We are located in the suburb of Wellard near the train station. The train station is from our home is approx 20-25min walk (). We have bicycles available for you to use anytime should you wish to get to the station quicker or would like to explore the area. We live across a nature reserve; great for individuals wanting to explore Australian bushland or go on a peaceful bush trail/walk without going too far.
The Perth city is 30min ride to the Wellard train station along the Mandurah line.

About us:
We are a young family of 4 with a small Cavoodle dog. I am Filipino and my husband is Irish. We have 2 year old toddler twin boys. I work with school aged children doing out of school care work while hubby is a driver. We are fun loving, respectful and friendly couple who enjoys travelling, film and music. We both play the ukulele and husband plays the drums.

What we offer:
Room with comfortable double bed, access to desktop computer, high speed internet, use of Netflix and our 65 inch TV. You will have your own toilet but the bathroom will be shared with our toddler boys as we use the bath for them. However the shower in the bathroom is for you to use as we dont use this at all. You can use our bicycles as mentioned. We have 3 to suit different heights. We can provide dinners during the week and you can help yourself to breakfast in the morning as you are welcome to use the kitchen facilities. You will have diverse foods cooked by me as I enjoy preparing varied dishes for my family from simple pastas to Indian or Malaysian curries to casseroles and western meals etc. We can also provide lunches during public holidays and weekends. However you will be allocated your fridge and pantry space as well. $200 includes all bills.

* Please be aware we have two young children so it is preferable that you like kids.


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